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So I got a new watch today and it is just so sleek 

It is a Hurlingham Japan movement and is also water resistant up to 150ft which is nice because I can use it surfing but also perfect in professional settings. 

Culver City, CA

On my trip to Sci-Arc to view all of the graduate thesis project/presentations I decided to stop by Culver City to sneak into the architecture created by Eric Owen Moss’s architecture firm.  While it is private land and security presence is strong on each of these sites, my colleagues and I had to tip-toe around to view this architectural significant block of beautiful structures.  


As architecture students it is our duty to explore, this means even if the spaces are blocked off to the public we can always find a way in.  The most spiritual experience I had during this trip was sneaking in to the construction site of the ‘waffle’ structure.  Seeing the construction details of such a beautiful building while being in a space that is restricted to a select few, which did not include me.  As an aspiring architect visiting construction sites this is one of the most informational ways to see how a building is put together.  Construction drawings are the next best thing and it doesn’t even compare to seeing the physical structure and feeling the nature of the materials and how they are but together. Scale is often an issue in modeling and visualizing in a project but being able to experience how large each individual material is helps to distinguish the real life implementation to the construction documents. 

 These photos are the product of where I went and what I experienced.  The first photo of the new construction was taken from the top of the Samitaur building where we had to by-pass security to get into. All of the spaces, interior and exterior we expressive in a way that I don’t normally experience on a day to day basis.  I aspire to create the way that Eric Owen Moss does, so free but yet functional to the users that inhabit.  

-Christopher Voltl

I received an email from the City of San Diego stating that I have made it to the final selection of the top three parklet designs in which a winner will be chosen by a facebook vote

I am so thrilled right now

Parklet Superimposed Within the Nightlife of San Diego

Testing Materials for render

The framing, wheels, and hitch are all on. The front hitch gets hidden when the floor retracts down

Have to add material to the model and add the sub floor.

Is all the horizontal flooring working good, or is it too much?


Working on the parklet design and I am happy where I am right now in the process.  There are a few measures to figure out to make it a complete ridged structure. 

The main idea is to create a sculptural hangout area that will fit in a parking space, but can be stored and moved easily so making it as compact as possible while keeping the movements gestural was the main challenge. so I chose to contour 3/4in plywood and split the larger piece into two make it so it will rotate to 90 degrees when not in use but able to fold out into a beautiful functional shaded bench while in use. the two ends also fold up to make the footprint even smaller. Still have to workout the details but so far I am very excited.


Architecture and the design of the built environment has progressed to a point where post and beam construction is considered and old but still a widely used technique, new construction methods are arising and construction methods are adapting to these new situations. A new construction method comes out, what it seems like, every week and if you know anything about Moore’s law, it all makes sense because the contributing factor to to the rapid progression is digital technology, we are now becoming more accurate with simulating the real world and the effects it has around us and in turn gives us a a way to test new and unconventional ideas that would otherwise not be possible due to the fear of failure.  We as Architects, designers, thinkers, researchers, scientists, and artists need to adapt to the changing systems in which we work in to create a better environment not only for human habitation/interaction but for the wild life that will roam the urban environment once again.

[wall of text]

I feel brand new, I have been able to take time to and experience, outside, life again. This thought has me reminiscing of what a past professor once told me that had stuck to my brain, and when I mean stuck, this thought has, on many occasions, attempted to define my life and on many other occasions it has. What my professor doomed me with is,”An architect always strives for the best qualities in a design, the thought is always perfect in the architects mind and if anything is less than perfect, they will disregard it and/or abandon it.  This quality will define the architect, on a professional and personal level." Now while you can take this with a grain of salt because beauty is subjective but all architects/designers strive for perfection, thus being quite dangerous for the mind to overcome such a powerful thought.  All a person can hope for is to be optimistic that the determination for perfection doesn’t bleed into your personal decisions.  

This leads me into that I am going into my fifth year of architecture school, but it really isn’t my fifth year it is my thesis year.  I am now not defined by my year of undergraduate study but my knowledge and understanding of the built environment to reflect a position that I with withhold to challenge the future profession of design, and in doing so I feel my blog needs to reflect my ideas and thoughts, so I want to better this blog to accomplish this many different [dot]tumblr urls have been searched to find the perfect availableshort description of how this blog should be perceived.  I hope my thesis defines my young career as an architect/researcher and I hope all that stumble upon this webpage understand from the url what they hope to find.  I find it lucky that the url is not used up yet but in any case I am now nothing pretentious or subjective just descriptive of my tumblr intent.

I worked for 6 hours today outlining my goals and objectives for this project then diving into a design that will comply with the constraints set.

Not much information given in these two photos but will start to make more sense as the pieces start fitting together.  Plus I am early in the design process so many things will change.

Stay tuned….

Starting this as a side project to help me with designing on a budget while focusing on materiality, let’s hope the judges like different 

I will post process sketches and diagrams later

Patterns in Nature - Peter S. Stevens

I recently picked up this book as a way to understand why the architecture of the world is the way it is and what are the restrictions and how can we bend these rules.  The book is really is an in depth look at the science behind it all, from the patterns to the scale and the geometry of why it is this way.  To understand the causation of natures principles  we have to study the transformation , extension, and curvature in different spaces and even goes in to the analysis of the math with provided example equations.  (which will help defining perimeters when developing a model)  For me, this book has helped a lot in my early stages of thesis studies by focusing my research to a specific topic in the relationship of biology in architecture.